Certifed Gunsmithing, Restoration, Trained Armorer, and “Dream Gun Builder”

Colorado Gun Smith Jim Stevenson

Jim Stevenson is a retired veteran and a decorated expert marksman. He served in the United States Air Force for 21 years. A Colorado native, he grew up hunting and participating in various shooting disciplines such as trap, skeet, sporting clays, 5 stand, benchrest, F-Class, hand gun silhouette, IDPA, IMHSA, SASS, high power, and three gun competitions. Jim’s passion and respect for firearms led him to earn his degree in gunsmithing from the Colorado School of Trades. Jim has expanded that knowledge by attending numerous manufacturer’s armorer courses which allowed him to become very familiar with manufacturers such as Springfield, Armalite, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Mossberg, Thompson Center, Sig Sauer, Berretta, and Remington.

Jim believes in providing his customers with the individual attention they deserve and providing them with a gun that is practical, functional, and elegant. He prides himself on the relentless pursuit of excellence, integrity, and service.

So whether you are a competitive shooter looking to get the best performance and precision out of your rifle, a hunter who wants to ensure your hunting rifle is clean, safe, and sighted in, a collector who wants a custom gun or stock, or just want to restore an old family heirloom, Jim of S3 Gunsmithing in Loveland, CO would like to be your gunsmith. 

General Gunsmithing: Safety Function Testing, Dissasemble, Clean, Check, Inspect, and Lubricate, Bore Sighting, Scope Mounting, Troubleshooting, Certified Welder and Fabricator, Ammunition and Reloading Consulting

Stock Work: Recoil Pad Installation, Glass Bedding, Sling Swivels, Fit & Install Fiberglass Stocks, Stock Refinishing

Metal Finishing: Hot Tank Blueing, Custom Slow Rust Blueing, Cerakote, Parkerizing, Color Case Hardening, Dura Coat Finish

Pistol Smithing: Trigger Jobs, Sights, Revolver Timing, Machine Jewel Hammer & Trigger, Complete Builds, Action Jobs

Rifle Smithing: Trigger Jobs, Re-Barrel, Install Muzzle Brake, Drill & Tap

Shotgun Work: Open Choke, Various Barrel Work, Forcing Cone Work, Back Boring, Porting, Choke Tube Installation, Rib and Sight Work

Veterans who bring in a valid military ID card or a DD214 are eligible for a 10% discount.