Custom Guns

S3 Gunsmithing in Loveland Colorado has been making custom guns for decades.  Tell us what you want, and we can make it!  A custom gun can be made for several reasons, but determining the end use and cost of a custom gun is certainly worthy of consideration.

America has had a love affair with firearms before the 2nd Amendment was even written. Our love for firearms has led us to personalize them since day one. Whether it was little Jonny scratching a mark for every squirrel he shot that summer, or the WWII pilot placing a picture of the girl waiting for him back home under a clear plastic grip panel he fashioned out of a plastic windshield on his Colt 1911.

The question of: Why would you want a custom gun built? Is a very loaded and complex question to be answered. Modern-day firearms are very remarkable in what they can do right off the shelf. But what they lack is that personal touch that sets them apart for every other gun out there. We use firearms in numerous ways. They serve as a tool for hunting, a means to protect our family and property, as well as provide countless hours of enjoyment target practicing and making memories. By customizing a gun or building one, it allows us to fill all the voids that a factory gun might miss out on as well as set apart from all the others.

Firearms take on great meaning to their owners. Having a custom gun adds to that by making it a very personal piece and treasured for generations to come. When you decide to invest in a custom gun or customize/personalize an existing firearm, we take all the time needed to explore everything that will go into providing you with a one of a kind gun. We will figure out what works best to accomplish what you are looking for and build something that will be cherished for years to come. Customizing a gun can be a simple as engraving a set of initials on it, to a complete rifle set up to go on that once in a lifetime hunt.

We do custom stocks, barrels, finishes, fittings, engraving and the list goes on. If you can dream it up, we can probably do it. So, whether it’s a rifle, muzzle loader, pistol, revolver or shotgun; or you are shooting competitions, target practicing, protecting loved ones or hunting that trophy elk. Contact us and let us make that firearm just the way you want it!  S3 Gunsmithing makes custom guns for clients in Loveland, Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins, and the Boulder, Colorado area, as well as the entire United States. Call us, or fill out the contact form for more information!


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