Gun Metal Finishing – Coating – Bluing and More

S3 Gunsmithing in Loveland Colorado has been providing gun metal finishing for several years.  There are many coating options available, contact us for specific details.  We even do custom painting! Want full camo on your gun? We can do it! Obviously, these coatings are for specific applications. Some provide camo or visual appeal, while others protect against the elements and rust corrosion. Regardless of the finish you desire, S3 Gunsmithing can handle all your gun metal finishing needs.

Since the beginning of firearm development, numerous types of metal finishes have been used as well as how those finishes are and can be applied. The goal behind these finishes has served several purposes. Protecting the parts from the elements and wear is typically the main goal. Then you add in additional performance and personalization for that custom touch.

We offer Traditional Bluing, which is the typical finish seen on factory firearms. This finish produces a blue – to – black colored finish. The shine or lack thereof is determined by the level of finish the metal receives before the Bluing process. We also do other types of bluing, (Traditional, Express, Cold, etc) based on the type of firearm and finish desired.

We offer the latest in modern coatings including Cerakote and a host of other coatings based on application and material that the coating is going to be applied to. We can produce truly custom touches with theses finishes. S3 was even featured on the cover of Gun World Magazine (July 2017) with one of our custom Cerakote jobs. Cerakote has rapidly become the go to finish to produce a high level of protection on firearms and other surfaces. All while allowing you to get that custom, color or design that you want.

S3 Gunsmithing is proud to be one of the very few shops left in the word that can produce TRUE Color Case Hardening. We use the method that was used over a century ago, and was lost over the years. This is a great finish to restore that old lever gun or revolver. As well as truly set off the look of that one-of-a-kind firearm. We have work with numerous SASS and Cowboy action shooters to produce a period correct finish for their firearm. Along with Color Case Hardening we can do period correct Carbona Bluing and Nitrate Salt Bluing. These fine detail finishes will produce the perfect finishing touches that will set your firearm off from the other guy!

We also offer numerous other metal finishing services. If you can dream it up we can probably make it happen! Call us, or fill out the contact form for more information!


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