Gun Repair

Here at S3 Gunsmithing, we can do all types of repairs. By not limiting ourselves to certain types of firearms, this has allowed us the opportunity to see and work on thousands of different types of guns. This it has allowed us to become familiar with the countless mechanical designs and functions of firearms from all over the world, along with the certain little quirks that go with each of them. We also relish the opportunity to work on those oddball guns that have been handed down, and no one knows what the heck it is!

When we receive a gun for repairs, we go through it and do a detailed inspection, function and safety check. Most firearms go through a complete disassembly and cleaning during this process as well, which aids in diagnosing the problem and helps to identify additional issues. After determining the suspected cause of the malfunction, we then proceed with the repair. Here at S3, we have one of the most equipped shops you will ever come across. We have most of the unique specialty tools required to do the job the right way. More importantly, we have the knowledge, resources, and skills to go with those tools. One of our greatest resources is a vast connection to the people and manufactures in the firearms industry. We use these connections to locate hard to find parts as well as obtain additional insight. If we don’t have the tool, the part, or the answer, we are not afraid to reach out to someone that does. By using all the assets in our toolbox, we can get your firearm back to functioning safely and reliably.

When you drop off your firearm to us we will do our best to give you a close estimate of the cost of repairs, parts, and time frame. We will also discuss the best options based on your budget and needs. We look forward to you letting us return your firearm to not only working condition but most importantly to a safe working condition. Whether it’s as simple as installing a new screw or a complete overhaul of the internal workings or ensuring it functions safely, S3 can get your gun back up and functioning the way it was intended.

S3 Gunsmithing can repair any gun for our valued customers in Loveland, Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins, and the Boulder, Colorado area, as well as the entire United States. Call us, or fill out the contact form for more information!


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