Gun Scope & Sight Mounting

The ultimate goal when using a firearm is to hit what you are aiming at. Having the proper sighting system as well as having it mounted correctly, is at the very root of having an accurate firearm. There are countless types of sights and optics available today for handguns and long guns. Theses will range from the most basic sight, such as a single bead on a shotgun, to a modern red dot optic on a handgun, to a computer aided high power scope on a rifle, capable of targeting out past two miles.

3 Gunsmithing in Loveland Colorado has been providing Gun Scope & Sight Mounting services for many years.  Scopes are not only for rifles anymore! We not only mount and service rifle mount scope setups for medium to extended range applications, but we also can mount scopes on handguns!

Regardless of your gun scope sight needs, S3 Gunsmithing is here to consult with you, and provide you with the scope mounting and services that meet your requirements!  Need a Weaver or picatinny rail setup with a riser? No problem!  We are very skilled at long distance shooting ballistics and the latest scope technology setups to match!

At S3 we keep up with all of the latest and greatest optics and technology, as well as know the history of what the period correct sight goes on a 1873 Winchester. We also know the little things to look for to be sure you get the most out of your sighting system. Installation can be very simple or very complex, based on several factors and needs. We will also take the time to properly fit and adjust the sight to your firearm and you. Being sure to meet your needs, ensuring greater results.

S3 is a retail location for most optics, sights and mounting systems. We will take the time to listen to your needs of a sighting system. Then provide options and information on what will be best suited to accomplish your sighting needs. We offer machine work, drilling and tapping, fabrication, mounting and bore sighting, as well as sighting – in services. We often have examples in the shop for you to look at a see if they will work for you.

Here at S3 we look forward to working with you to get the most accuracy and enjoyment out of your firearm. If you can’t see it…. You can’t hit it!

S3 Gunsmithing provides Gun Scope & Sight Mounting services for clients in Loveland, Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins, and the Boulder, Colorado area, as well as the entire United States. Call us, or fill out the contact form for more information!


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