Muzzle Brakes

Main Muzzle Break

S3 Gunsmithing is a master at creating stunning muzzle brakes for long range hunting and long distance precision shooting.  Our muzzle brakes provide optimal recoil reduction and thus unwanted muzzle rise.

Muzzle breaks have quickly become one of the most significate upgrades you can do to a firearm. They can be installed on Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns. Muzzle Breaks and Recoil reduction produce amazing benefits. The most noticeable benefit is “Felt” recoil. They can tame down that largest of calibers to a manageable level. This in turn will produce greater accuracy as well as allowing you to shoot more and enjoy your firearm to it potential. They also will help with follow up shots and helping to allow you to spot impacts down range. Even small calibers can benefit from this. We also offer porting service for shotguns that help reduce recoil. This will aid in keeping the barrel down for follow-up shots as well.

S3 proudly offers our own custom designed Muzzle Break that we have spent years developing and testing. We also can provide and install numerous other Muzzle breaks that are out on the market. When we install a muzzle break, we will match it to your firearm. This includes timing it correctly, matching the contour of your barrel as matching it to the finish.

There are a few downsides to adding a Muzzle Device. They will typically add length (1-2”) to your barrel. They do produce a louder noise. (don’t really notice it with hearing protection). But the biggest down side is …… your ammo bill is going to go up! You will shoot more because you will be able to enjoy your firearm with increased accuracy and reduced pain in your shoulder!

S3 Gunsmithing can create and thread custom muzzle brakes for our valued customers in Loveland, Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins, and the Boulder, Colorado area, as well as the entire United States. Call us, or fill out the contact form for more information!


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