Shotgun Services

shotgunShotguns are one of the most common firearms out there. They have been around from the very beginning of firearm history. They come in countless shapes, sizes and platforms. Shotguns get used far more than most firearms. Typically, the conditions that shotguns are used in is fairly harsh as well. (Wet Weather, Fields, Waterfowl Pit) Do to all of this, shotguns need routine deep cleaning and maintenance to keep them working correctly and more importantly, safely!

S3 Gunsmithing in Loveland Colorado is skilled in shotgun repair and modifications. We can do some very cool customizations as well!

  • Shotgun action cleaning and repair
  • Shotgun Recoil Pad Installation
  • Stock Fitting
  • Ventilated Rib Installation
  • Machining Drilling & Tapping
  • Shotgun trigger work
  • Adjustable Stock Comb Installation
  • Shotgun Choke Modifications
  • Shotgun Sling Installation
  • and much more…

shotgun 2Here at S3 we offer numerous services to get you shotgun up and running and shooting correctly for you. Some of these include stock modifications and fitting. Improved recoil reduction systems and pads. Sight replacement and upgrades. Correct as well as custom finishing services.

We can work on all types and designs to include, Single shot, Bolt action, Slide action, Lever action, Over-Under, Side-by-Side, Rifle/Shotgun combo, as well as Semi-Automatic. We offer complete tear down, inspection, cleaning and repair.

There is a lot of old “Grandpas Shotguns” out there that are potentially very unsafe with todays modern ammo. Let us take a look at it so you can be sure it is safe to use.

We look forward to helping you get that Shotgun working correctly and safely, so you can use it for generations to come.

S3 Gunsmithing performs shotgun repair, cleaning, and custom modifications for clients in Loveland, Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins, and the Boulder, Colorado area, as well as the entire United States. Call us, or fill out the contact form for more information!


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